Sunday, May 24, 2015


I really wasn't happy with the ensuite floor tile, so I went back and met with our selections consultant again and she showed me tiles that she hadn't shown us at the first appointment.  I took some pictures and sent them to hubby at work and over the phone we agreed on these white ones with a little bit of marble through them.
The wall tile remains the same white one (in this photo it appears grey)

 I am much happier with this choice now.  I think once we add some colour to the walls and the taps we want it will give it the feel we are after.

We decided to stick with the same laminate (diamond gloss mineralstone)
 I went to Beaumont Tiles to buy samples of all our tiles.  I also checked out some for the kitchen splashback.

I want a nice subway, and these are some I liked
 I am contemplating this white tile below or the grey and white hexagon ones for the laundry wall-I want something a bit different in there!

 These are a nice subway too (in white)

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