Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Hi and Welcome!

We are a family of four (and a dog!), our girls are 10 and 2.  Finally after 14 years together we are building our first home.

We live in the Southern Foothills in Adelaide, in a suburb that is a little bit country-and only 5 minutes to rolling green hills!

We have decided to move our family 20 minutes away to a small country town, a town we have always dreamed of living in, and building a home together.  It's a very pretty little town, it has a school, a few small shops, and a pub but no supermarket or anything like that.  That's not an issue as there are many towns 15-20 minutes drive away.

I will be sad moving, as Miss 10 is changing schools, so we leave behind 6 years of friendships-not that we are moving to the other side of the country, but we won't see our friends everyday anymore.  I am also nervous for Miss 10 starting at a new school and getting used to a different system and teaching style. She made the decision to change though and she seems happy about it.

Miss 2 won't be affected-so that's easy!  We already go to Playgroup down there, so she is familiar with the area now.

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