Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Block

The first step we made was to find a block.  We wanted at least 800m2, and not much of a slope.

We snapped up this block which is 820m2 and 20m wide and 41m deep.

We purchased this back in October 2014 but there was a delay with the civil works and it only settled at the end of March.

The soil testing was done a week after settlement and we got the report back a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately for us there is rock at 1.4m down and they need to dig out atleast 1m to level it before digging for the footings-so they are more than likely going to hit the rock.  So while our footings were considerably less than quoted, the rock digging puts it back up there and a little over. Still-could be worse!

The plans have now been lodged with the council, so fingers crossed they don't take too long as we REALLY want to get this started as soon as possible.

Miss 2 sitting across the road

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